The weather channel love using the word Mega before announcing any doom and gloom coming. Extreme was the new shite word of the nineties now Mega is its replacement.

MEGASTORM - sounds like a transformer.

An Ak 47 spits out 100 snowballs per second

Central Park after the completely regular blizzard became a category Mega whiteout on tv.

It was insanely quiet ............

Court and Senor Higgins. Off the leash Higgins was like a seal pup. Swimming like a mad cormorant through the snow drifts. It was hilarious. He didnt stop once. After about 5 minutes he had the hugest iceicles hanging off his mustache and his ding dong. Then the snowhumping started and we had to remove him from his new dog pals.

It snowed a lot. Not really enough to feel comfy using the word Mega though.

Only in New York................

A rare untouched pristeen moment in New york.

After 7 million brunches have been served it wont be so pristeen .