The Journey to the Bridge to Nowhere

In the league of Extraordinary Mexican Gentlemens - Saul of house Aguilera , Vincente of house Colmenares , Phillip of the Rodriguez clan and Jorge of the Perez tribesmen of the south

Deep in Angeles National forest

On the set of the "mexican stand by me" ........ Hey you guys wanna go see a dead body mang?

Viet Cong were everywhere

This was the part of the hike where Betsy got kidnapped by the Chupacabra .............

After a long while , we found her semi alive !!

The only shade today are from these lethal machete bushes. If you forget about these bastardo shrubs and happen to brush against one of them it will slice you open like a sword through a tomato. In the heat i forgot they exsisted so many times. It ruled. My arms looked like Michael Jackson's daughters by the end of the day. Fun times in the samarai trail

Then we found it . The Bridge to Nowhere. Literally there is a giant bloody bridge in middle of the San Gabriel mountains just sitting there. Baking in the heats. Its huge too. Nothing for miles in any direction but cactus and coyote shits ........

Armed with only teriyaki beef jerky and sticks of dynamite we picked our way down the river to blow the bridge before the red coats come !!

The bridge is an arch that was built in 1936 north of Azusa. The bridge was to connect two towns via a road through the mountain pass. It was still under construction when it was washed out during the great flood of 1938. The project was abandoned as a result of the flood, leaving the bridge forever stranded in the middle of what is now the Sheep Mountain Wilderness.

Place is bananas !!

Betsy got lost , dehydrated , stuffed in a rucksack , eaten by the Chupacabra , stung by lizards then thrown into an icy river . She loves hiking so much.

The long trek home

The lads tried to get some girls to come on the hike today. None showed up. I told em to tell their birds theres a huge mall at the bridge to nowhere. Tons of shopping and AC and free caramel lattes !!

Next time ...........