More experiments with film........Shite is not easy. It 's a total crap shoot when i get my rolls developed.

Back in 1978 i went to the beach with some shoes.

Pretty riveting stuff..........

This ancient camera i scored makes everything look rad

The Vietnam War came to a close in 1973.

The Munich massacre takes place at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, where Palestinian Arab terrorists of the Black September terrorist organization kidnap and murder eleven Israeli athletes.

Equador's number one - Nikki D wasnt born in the 70s but shes here now

It's total pot luck when i get the film processed. Heaps of half photos and exposure meltdowns

On September 6, 1970, the world witnessed the beginnings of modern rebellious fighting in what is today called as Skyjack Sunday. Palestinian terrorists hijacked four airliners and took over 300 people on board as hostage. The hostages were later released, but the planes were blown up. The 70's were hosile as hell.......

In Guyana, the Rev. Jim Jones led several hundred people from the United States to his commune in the jungle named Jonestown. Amid allegations of corruption, mental and physical abuse by Jones on his followers, and denying them the right to leave Jonestown, a Congressional committee visited Guyana to investigate in November 1978. They were attacked by Jones' guards and Congressman Leo Ryan was killed. The demented Jones then ordered everyone in the commune to commit suicide. The people drank or were forced to drink cyanide-laced fruit punch. A total of 900 dead were found, including Jones, who shot himself.

United States President Richard Nixon resigns as President in 1974 while facing charges for impeachment for the Watergate scandal.

Man o man the 70's sounds like a right hoot . Jesus h christ im glad i was just a wee nipper running about Scotland in my nappies..........