DAM -Day after Motorhead.

Jesus h Christler. With completely refried brains , cinderblocks for shoes and a tongue made of cat litter , me and my hangover somehow navigated across town.

I was still stone deaf from being Lemmy'd so i didnt ask anyone for directions , plus it was 8am and i still had my monster costume on. So i did what all stupido intrepids did . Climb the nearest mountain to see the lay of the land. I set off in a pretty good general direction and in complete TFL fashion i managed to scale the wrong peak. I got a perfect view of every direction but the one i needed. Good times!!

Heres a great view of where i just came from. Check out the giant sand storm looming on the horizon. Today rules and its only 8.30am. Getting punished by the party gods in pretty grand style right now.

This direction is no help either...but its a nice view of the surrounding barrios

So i marched onwards and upwards. Still 80% deaf . I even stopped by a hospital . Not to get my ears checked out but i was desperate to drop a Donald Trump. Theres never a Starbucks when ye really need one. After my ER pit stop i climbed the biggest mountain in San Fran. Twin Peaks is a real bugger to scale when you've got cement shoes on and you cant hear cars coming .

From up here i could see the finishing line . A regular person wouldve called a taxi hours ago.

I had a wee sit down on my Mount Blanc meadow and dreamt of glasses of water and being normals again

I swear the buildings can tell when your hungover

They be watchin n shit.

After 2 and a half hours of traversing mountains and valleys i finally got to the Dogpound and found young Nicko Rhodes Shapiro sprawled out in my scratcher. I did not dare move the wee chap so i slept on the floor next to him. This is Nicko's debut on Square gos. Expect many more . This guy is a ruler. Epic Mc Hammerd pantaloons Nicko. Pure bees knees man.

After a recharge siesta i went poking about the mission district

There hasnt been any roundies on this crappy website here in ages.


The awsome Honda repair garage

Its like calcutta down here . Bikes and scooters everywhere

Mexican Steve McQueen did a runner and left his wooly jumper on the razors edge

The Nacho Libre store is zee best. My fave !!

For some , siestas are an all day affair

Mission back alleys are amazing

Got my hearing back sometime after lunch.