In the big city of New York for the 2nd annual Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show

Its the time of the month all month for Manute.... Killer calander laughs

Natur practice room ........Weibust marshall graffitti master

The lads play the bike show gig today

Naturists - Mondo Man , Tooth and the Mexicutioner

The White Knights of New York City put on a hell of an event. Total overloads on my fragile brains from the previous nights antics at Bar Matchless. People from all over the world showed up , 100's of incredible machines , wall upon wall of biker photographs and endless amounts of beers. The streets of Greenpoint roared with the sounds of exhausts all day and into the nights.

Heres a few wee snap shots but none will do it justice......

Mister Tinker is this you ? Incredible Triumph


Part 2 comin in a jiffy !!