Billy Goode's pretty much exploded tonight. The tiny venue was packed to the gills. The levels of awsome were at all time highs and there were millions of ice cold beers all over the joint.

"Oh shit , my old pottery teacher is here" - Tooth

Natur frontman Mortal Wombat


Tooth is an absolute atom bomb of energy behind the kit.

Henry fills in on bass while the Mexicutioner is in Texas. He killed it .........

Mondo Man nailin some serious riffages

If Natur was a weapon theyd definately be the gun from Rambo "First Blood"

The tiny pub erupted into a rabid frenzy with hair and skate shoes flying in all directions. It was the bee's knee's

Total Broverloads

The concert was so right on .......... It was pure , uncut heavy metal .

Best show in Newport since the last time the lads all played here.............

All hail Billy Goodes !!