Dirt napping somewhere near Laguna

Courtland chose the most perfect city of ants to sleep on top of . When i woke up he was literally covered in the wee buggers. The ants were probably drunk from walking all over his face. It ruled

Hadnt slept out in the open with just a blanket in ages. It was more exciting than comfortable. After just one night when i woke up it felt like i'd been playing rugby for a month straight. I now know why bums and outdoorsmans drink so much. Blacked out and the sidewalk starts to feel like a tempurpedic mattress. I did it sober and it felt exactly like a bed of rocks , pebbles and sandpaper.

While the rest of the crew were slowly getting devoured by ants in their sleep i wandered down to the ocean to wake up..........

Chunk opened up his eyes when i got back to camp Bosnia

I have absolutely no idea why i even stopped and took this photo. Its basically the onions in this sandwich post. Probably could have done without it !!

Surfs up bozos

Surfing in the napalm villages

Forest fires and foam boards ~ Sickest combos ever !!

Some bloke about to get some kowabungas n shit ..............

Wish my surfboard had a cooler attached to it for snacks . I almost ate my leash out there !!