Return to Darkest Africa , Rhode Island

This winter has been a real bugger. My back yard looked like the Yukon. It was brass monkeys outside. Theres a saying in Scotland - "there is no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes."

I cannot think of one cool thing to write about winter. It's like trying to describe a coldsore in a positive light. Its impossible.

Why does the city of Providence need two fully equipped army trucks? Maybe the mayor just re-watched Rambo First Blood. I also have no idea why im wandering in the police vehicle compound but this place had everything. Tanks and all kinds of other epic dude shit.

In other related man stuff. I went over to the mainlands to visit Oli. This young chappy had shoveled snow off his ramp for hours. Looked how excited he is.

Today is dude ranch overload. Ran into Dr Love on valentines day. (How fitting) . He had top notch banter as always. He astroprojects. It's quite something.

If you get a chance in the Newport area go to the gallery at Salve and see Sue Mcnally's new exhibition. Her massive new works are outstanding. Sue is an old chum of mine and one of the raddest humans out there. Her new paintings are aces. Detailed scenes of America.

Nallybones rules. Her art opening was packed with people and tasty crackers. I think the show is hanging through March. Go check it out.

After checking out fine art go find Mazza and observe his hair. First time i've seen Meglodon in months and first time in 16 years i've seen him with a full thatch of hair. It was almost an afro. It was phenominal. Sheffield feels the soul glo from Mazza's skull while Bringer of Death played some records at full volume in the background. This photo is out of focus. My camera couldnt handle Mazzas locks.

Mini Wombat and Court drink some cold ones in the trophy room.

The foot soldiers of Balam await the Mongolian to fire up the engines on his drums

Shimpy is the Portuguese Ozzie. He's gonna snort ants off a bolo next show !!