It's absolutely arctic conditions outside............. This winter has been a chilly one .

I hid out in the Africa section of the Natural History museum in New York.........

This place is great.

I few years ago i bought an ostrich egg at a yard sale from some old geezer. Best $1 i have ever spent. Thats the only ostrich story i have . ........oh wait , actually when Sid came back from surfing in Africa he had the phenominal footage of him and his Capetown pals making the most humongous omlette from an ostrich egg they found in the bush. The omlette was fuckin massive. 6 people could've chomped on it .

Having 3 ostrich storys would be really pushing it

Q: Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

A: They have big fingers.

I want one . Would have done wonders for my frostbitten face.

King Diamond tribute band from Bora bora

This is where they make all the Levi's jeans now.

Space n cosmos n shit.........

This is the New York public library. After not finding a job in the Amazon section of the Natural History museum i went here looking for a National Geographic magazine from 1913.

No rent a bro gigs yet but i did find out who discovered Machu Picchu. I'm calling today a success.