Climbing with the Brown Sabbath Mountaineering Crew today

We started at 5am in darkness but i didnt fully wake up until the sun turned all its engines on

Brown Sabbath away team ~ Jorge and Phillip .......... guitar and bass !!

Jorge studies rocks. Its epic as he points out various tid bits of info as we pick our way up the mountain

The summit. Ten thousand feet above sea levels

I think im the only member of the band that gets sunburns

These other blokes were altitude training carrying huge packs filled with gallons of water. Its good to run into people doing this cos they always want to pour you their extra water.

Theres way bigger mountains we have our eyes on ..........just training right now !! Stay tuned !!


After hours of climbing any rocks are comfy for a wee siestas

The air up here was thin

Mount Baldy ruled. As per usual all snacks were chomped in the first 1000 feet up. I need to buy a donkey to carry all my shite.