Averaging 25 beers a day - Natur on tour with Manute

Tooth went from early twenties to mid thirties in 4 days.

Mondo Man ripping the Granma curtains off the walls with his riffs

Wombat and Henrydontswim.

Billy Goodes became Billy Awsomes again tonight. Natur electocuted the crowd into a froth of hair and fists. Within seconds Tooth's mum was impaled on the drum kit as i peeled her off the rack toms , Tooth's old man wanted to saw Cooper's head off with his beer bottle. Seconds later Midgies mum got blasted and lost a tooth. (a real live tooth) and a few minutes after that , a rouge beer bottle flew across the entire length of the bar aiming for the band. Fortunately my skull intercepted it and it smashed off the side of my Scottish coconut showering Shimpy and the band with glass. It hurt like a bastardo and instantly it looked like i was growing another head.

I walked off stage to mop up my cranium and took this photo on the way to the bathroom. Manute , Behavey , Slaughter Buckets and Tattie.

Getting blasted by a glass budweiser grenade really knocked me into last week ............ so heres some photos from last week !!

Don't Stop Believing by Journey is playing full volume

Its still playing full volume in this photo too

I think this is the solo part into the finale

I didnt take any more photos that night of Natur i was too busy wandering around the bar trying to make my glasses fit over my newly shaped head. My skull still kills when i smile. Pretty stoked on my first real major rock photography injury though...........

More photos coming when my head shrinks back down ............