The giant turkey massacre is over and today is black friday. Another holiday i havent quite wrapped my head around but it seems to involve 1000s of novice campers in the cold all night in front of any wallmart or best buy and when the buzzer rings and its go time - Thats the signal to mace and pepper spray all the other rabid campers so you can rush in and grab some fantastic deals on a flatscreen TV or a Xbox 900. Actually , ive just convinced myself. I get it now !! Makes total sense. Next year im gonna hand out PB and Js filled with anthrax so i can get me a giant 3D flatscreen and a toaster.............

Anyways, while idiots were fighting over chinese plastic shite over at Target , we crammed B-Rads Monte Carlo down the Billy Goods alleyway for a quick shoot with Mortal Wombat

Black Metal Friday

Get zorched

Timmy Burnt is on his bee knee's

After we all went down to see the Long Lane Social Club. Bubba , Big Scotty and Bo formally of Quarter Ton and Change.

The infamous Bubba aka B Schwagg aka Master B also the star of the international hit "Bubba Goes to Lunch". Only available on 8mm film reel.


Tooth - "Yo lemme take a photo of you two Euro fags in your gay glasses" .

Me and Dods are 100% Euro.

After band practice Bubba put on a full clinic. So many stories and tales. We basically couldve filmed a VH1 behind the music right there and then.

Frank Rizzo - I'm having a party, I need to get me some chickens. I need a lot of chickens.
Salesman - What do you need, like a thousand chickens?
Frank - A thousand? What is a thousand? I need at least two thousand chickens.
Salesman - Sir, this isn't Perdue. These are live chickens.
Frank - They're live chickens, so what? There a problem with that? I'll come down there and hack them bitches to death myself.

Bubba blasting the Jerky Boys on cassette and it sounded as funny as the first time i heard em !!

Look out for Big Scottys phenominal song about Bens Chilli Dogs coming soon ...............