Mini Kiss destroyed Newport like tiny Godzookies annihilating Tokyo

Mini Paul Stanley

Halfway through the set the entire ceiling erupted and showered the crowd in a blizzard of confetti's and foamy bubbles. It sent the party into the next orbits. It was like pouring nitroglycerin into your morning coffee and running full tilt to work.

Tonights show was a real mind expander. It was like natural acid - Just add a few Time Bandits in makeup, a rabid crowd of Newporters and some high tech ceiling gadgets filled with bubbles

Oh waits ....The only thing missing - Pack the stage with epic half naked birds.

Calling Dr Love

Mini Paul Stanley had awsome bums in his face all night. If your under 3 feet tall i'd start a tribute band today. It looks fun as hell.

Mini Kiss want you !!

..........and the cops also want you !!


Big thank you to the staff at Waterbrothers for being in the ticketmaster hell trenches for days and a massive thank you to the entire staff of the Pelham for putting on a phenominal show. Stay tuned for the next event in the OWB "Stranger in a Strange Land" concert series - Coming up soons - stay tuned