Fairfax was shut down today ~ The big Kahuna is in town

The entire block was surrounded and locked down by an army of swat and secret service agents. You couldnt pick your nose without one of these guys knowing about it !! It was like at the end of Blues Brothers when the building gets surrounded by every kind of law enforcement available............

I guess today Obama needed that cup of coffee from Canters Deli real bad............

Kutter made tons of new state trooper friends today.

Imani and the boys from the barber shop were top notch. The presidential banter right here was absolute fire .

The street was buzzing . So many dudes with half hair cuts and barber cloaks still on trying to get a glimpse of the Chief

After Obama got his 5 million dollar cup of joe and everyone went back to work and to get their haircuts finished , much later we all went to the Kibbits room where randomly a wee kid rock band was belting out the jams. I saw into the future of these kids lives while they played Janis Joplin covers. I could see what they were going to be like in 8 years time . The singer is definately going to have a cocaine addiction when shes 17. She moved so violently on stage when she sang. Like a little bird pecking at the air . It was a mixture of Miley Cyrus facials and Elaine from Seinfeld when she danced . She just looked like she was going to be a real problem. Its crazy how you can just tell. The guitarist kid probably wont play guitar as soon as he meets his first boyfriend. He was weak sauce . Looked like he'd rather be watching Twilight movies and playing pokimon . His sullen teen face was not working eithers. The bass player ruled though. She ripped at bass and was the most badass member of this Parent run band. I have no doubts shes going to be in a real rock n roll band when shes older . The drummer definately in a few years is going to have his first full beer and the floodgates are gonna open. My man is going to power guzzle thousands of ice cold longnecks. He looks so thisty and he also looked like he was the funny man of the group. Funny mans always need liquid fuel for their party tricks . Overweight drummers are the absolute best too. You guys are the bees knees!!!!!!

I loved the show and especially the parents yelling at the their kids between songs like at the sideline of a football game.

The kids ruled . The parents were wack !!

Signed ......... logan hill .......... a big fan !!!