New York City continued ..........

This could be day 2 or day 17 ........... hard to tell.........

Street woodworking and finished dumpster carpentry from the Troy Demassek technical school.

Mortal Wombat put on a free clinic with zero power tools in anywhere sight.

Mini Wombat takes care of the - "missed a spot" and "your doin it wrong" from the side lines. Art graduates can be so tough sometimes !!

I'd like to think a young Iron Maiden somewhere in England in the 80's were building similar contraptions in the streets and back alleys with bent nails and a cracked hammer. Weibs gets an A+ for effort and attendance on this one.

Two perfect giant bloody swords to bring to the show ............( I called them swords so i wouldnt offend my only hardcore religous fan on this crummy site. B-rad the Iowa Milkman would have serious nightmares if he knew we were building devil props and huge telephones for talking to demons)

Heavy Metal parking lot. A brave soul parked his classic banger directly in front of the gig and in the path of hundreds beer guzzling maniacs. Maybe brave is not the right word !!

Trench Grinder warm up the club with some cluster bomb speed ballads

Bullet Belt Bob aka His Name Is Robert Nelson literally played his kit like an Uzi fires rounds. He didnt even break a sweat either. Insane lightening speeds

"I'd like to thank Michael , Henry and Ryan from BBQ Productions"

Barbeque Productions - Serving up overcooked , fried , burnt , well done , raw , shitty , pink , girlfriend metal for years

Boaterhead bought a car . Thats the scariest quote on this whole post. I believe the car is pointing west so its still safe to street skate on the East coast ...... Just watch out for a tall Asian in a mini van with half a pair of glasses on though !!

Nick from Parasytic

Phenominal everything pretty much.

My camera ate the brown acid. Major trails from the drum stools all night .

Jade aka TomHanksCousin from Villains annihilated someone elses drum kit to smithereens. This geezer gave Shane from Hightower a run for his money in the Captain Cave Drum expo. Massive amounts of jerry rigging and bungy cords. The entire kit looked like a game of Jenga . It ruled !

3 bands deep and the packed to the gills nightclub turned into a Turkish bathouse. Temperatures soared as everyone sucked the last wee bits of good air in the room. After the 3rd band left the stage we were pretty much breathing 4th hand air that tasted of hair and leather. It was superb. Heated heavy metal yoga , thrash metal zumba and Pilates for piles........ Get some !!

Hold onto your undies ......... Midnights up next !!