New York City

Hunting for wharf rats

Went down to my favorite swimming hole. Water was so crystal clear you could see herds of two-headed brown speckled trouts heading upstream

Road crew - Bringer of Deth and Mini Wombat

Street hustlers and G-men use mini bikes to outrun the blue guys now.

Outside the House of 1000 Picnics , i caught American Cabbage dicing up some turnips

The Love Gun mini van

Front doors take a pulverising in the city.

Andy's dumpster

Just hanging out waiting to get tagged

A giant bastardo

Front door gallery tour

Our tour van ran out of gas but filling the tank up with tanning lotion and hair mousse seemed to do the trick . Onwards !! Lets rage ...........


Street mechanics tinker with their cafe racer hair dryers

Cousin Mo and the Mexicutioner

Absolutely first class - Pilgrim vs Boaterhead.

This photo didnt come out so well at first but after a few hours of photoshop editing it looks aces now. Dicktits ruling !!

Man - Photoshop CS5 is incredible . The effects are lifelike . Rob a copy today and amaze your freinds .........

Mini Wombat brought her Netty Pot . It was a real treat to watch her brew up a nice warm cuppa snots.

Almost time for darkness and maniacs

Zoe and Party Time

If you own a bathroom door anywhere in NYC - Expect this !!

High Fives and Headbutts - Damo , Brothers Grimm and The Mexicutioner

Get ready for hours of Midnight !!

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