Summer needs to slow it down a wee bit. The days are marching by a tad bit too fast for me right now...........

Rejects Beach

I dig skys and coconut water :)

Everyday the tiny kids we have working in the sweatshop below WB are allowed upstairs to fight for one hour.

The loser gets no lunch and is forced to do embroidery on hats all day

After we closed shoppe for the day we had school of rock lessons at the Pitt. Seanie and Weller (at full volumes) thunder through an ACDC number

Frank the tank wailing on second drums in the corner.

While i took this photo all the air was escaping from my back tire. This photo is definately not worth the walk home .

Tonight at the Pelham - Waterbrothers presents Stranger in a Strangeland concert series - The Melodians from Jamaica

These guys are the genuine article . The fuckin Z-boys of reggae music. True pioneers. The stories these cats had were mindblowing.

The Melodians were a rocksteady band formed in the Greenwich Town area of Kingston, Jamaica in 1965. These lads have seen some serious shite !!

It was like seeing the Temptations playing . The harmonies and quality was out of control.

Their biggest hit, "Rivers of Babylon" became an anthem of the Rastafarian movement, and was featured on the soundtrack for the movie, The Harder They Come.

It was a huge honor to have these guys play for us . I was floored the whole night.

Well into their late sixties , these cats showed Newport how its done ...........

I skated home while 70 year old rastas went to the late night ..............ruling !!