Meanwhile .......

Over at the WB farmers market and organic mental health clinic , I harvested the first major crop of killer tomatos from the side yard. We scored enough to make one salad. Pure champion !!

BSA down on the wharfs

I brought the Triumph around to Africa to show my parents. My dads mustache almost fell off when i pulled up. The warner street barrio was havin a nice tranquil siesta until i showed up.

Scottish jokes and boat rides

William Wallaces tug boat

Maru has his eagle eyes on the one thing he's not allowed to touch. Tough part is , he's probably eyeing up the coolest thing on the boat. The flares or the sword.

Islay's first appearance on this nickle and dime website. Shes a wee ruler !!

Teak and Islay

The Auld Yin heading out to sea. This photo isnt the best angle for his whiskers. Head-on is a way better example of the epic tache !!

Stevesy, what's going on? Are those hijackers?

Steve Zissou: Well, out here we call them "pirates," Ned.

Team Zissou is the best !!

Invaded Rose Island the other night for the Newport Film festival.

In this order - Got on ferry with hundred or so people - arrived on island to watch movie premiere - ate pounds of cheeze and salami - second ferry crashed into random stationery boat (still unclear on how that happened) - Ferry mangled - Ferry turned around and floated back to civilisation - rest of people enjoyed the movie on deserted island - i fell asleep due to overdose of fine cheeze and cured meats - woke up with sand tongue - pitch black - realised marooned on island - not aceptable to be marooned (especially with visiting parents from europe lands) - called young pirate with seaworthy boat - minutes later young pirate landed small craft on hidden beach under the cover of darkness - rescue went smooth apart from the old birds on the beach who tried to keep us captive - ran in opposite direction from film cannibals - made it onto the dingy - raced across the harbour like smugglers delivering bails of weed - made it home - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - the end

I recommend a trip to Rose Island. Bring your own boat though !!