Heaps of fit birds and epic gadgies showed up to our art show ....

Sammy the Jew was on fire........He spoke a mixture of 3 to 4 different languages during the course of the evening.......towards 4am he was mainly speaking fluent asshole


Merkules and Allana......

Hellfire and Buckbo

Boaterheid and Ginch

Saun of the Dead and Damo

Mondo Man and Tooth

Eastern Exposure........Hamilton ..........

Ako's bird Mario shredding while Manute turned into 7 feet of pure party ........


Somewhere around 4 to 5am Sammy the Jew and Burnt Toast had a meltdown in the streets of New York and headed north to Rhode Island.....

Heres the last texts i got from Jewmanji in the wee hours -

"Dude literally skating looking for a toilet , no birds , no dough"

"We have no where to crash , When youve done bust a nut let me know "

"He was mangled in a pick up truck"

"Wheres the sex show at?"

But his best line of the night was "hey you got beds in London? im trying to crash " to some poor english bird that got caught in the crossfire.....Her face was priceless


Thanks to everyone involved Spanky Ted Manute Ulli , to everyone who came through and to Sammy the Jew for the ride home