The weekend show up at the WB Alamo was nothing but home runs from start to finish..........

Razza's ace parking job almost took out the Red Lobster and Waterbrothers in one single shot. Im a huge fan of "anything goes - i'll park how i bloody feel like parking". I see it a ton up here cos were next door to the Tennis Hall of Fame.

The biggest thing in East coast surfing news this year was Package got himself an I-phone. I was blown away when i showed up one day to work last week and he was bursting to show me his new gadget. My mind was even further expanded when he preceded to pull up an email on his new pocket brain and then the icing on the cake was getting my first text from him. It was incredible to watch his broken E.T fingers navigate the touch screen . We had endless laughs that day everytime his phone rang and he got lost in his own matrix. He made many trips to the Verizon store that week where his tech support team sorted him out.

The above photo is proof of the high tech Package in action as he nails an epic photo opportunity with Bruce Chrisner and Derek Hynd

Every I-phone should come with a Sid Abruzzi. Phenominal laughs . Absolute non stop cell phone mayhem

The waves were real small at Hooterville but it was a rare treat to watch Derek ride his finless board. I wish i'd taken photos of his board. It looked like aliens made it and sent it down to earth.

The beach stood still as Derek effortlessly flew down the wave. Derek has pioneered finless surfing for decades and watching him glide across the water was one of the coolest things ive seen in a while.

Rocket's new name is BottleRocket. Maru's face is priceless. Rocket is the red bull astronaut that free-fell 24 miles from outer space and landed right in the middle of a 2 year olds birthday party.

While all the other 2 year olds talked about jobs , morgages and the price of gas , Druncle Rocket went apeshit on the merry go round.

Everyone has the best "dont you even dare take my cupcake" face. Orlando looks like he'll chop your hand off with a machete if you even look at his cupcake.

Happy birthday Maru ...........