Out and about in "Auld Reekie" in Scotland

Took a photo of Duddingston Abbey and on the second frame a bird almost flew right into me .........at the last second it shot straight up in the air...........no photoshop malarky used here..........national brographical mannys

The victorian greenhouses at the Royal Botanical gardens.......

I met up with one of my oldest buddies from when i was a wee scratcher runnin aboot smashin windaes n shite. Colin has been my pal since i was 5 years old. It was grand to see him again. We talked about all the old characters and total bampots we knew from school. Whos deid , whos married , whos in jail , whos still a total nutter ...it was laughs.......Next to him is BBC broadcaster Cat and Colin's bird Sarah............good times

Cat reports the news on all the soccer hooligan mayhem from Glasgow.........

Side note - for being a tiny country Scotland is full of mayhem and gnar antics. I cant tell if its a direct result of the shite weather or the diet of fish n chips and haggis suppers but its amazing. Everytime i opened a newspaper it was total anarchy on the streets. Aw the chavrons chibbin awbody at pure random ye ken. Nae guid likesay fur the tourists n that no ! Ye canny hae a barry time wi yer pals wi oot gettin some lip fae some steamin gadgie wi a stanley.......fuckin pure bampots aw over the shop.

Lothian Road in Edinburgh is like the 5 points in nyc ......masher central