Out and about on the bicycle.........

Rejects with epic spears

Stopped by the mini farm. The farm is actually huge its all the animals that are mini. The tiny donkey's are the best. Their hair is like doormats

A horse fit for a really wee knight

I honestly have no idea what you'd use a mini horse for .......

This geezer had killer dreads

Dready Mercury chilled out while this other gadgie chewed on his matted locks........

Caught Springer and Emo in the middle of a fantastic scientific debate.

I wish i taped this summit. It was beyond excellent . Aliens , the economy, the war in the middle east , new ice cream flavors at ben n jerrys and who would win in a fight between a hippo and a rhino. All good material ...........

Young buckaroo Christopher absolutely nailed me with his fully automatic assault rifle

From his strategic outpost he successfully fired about 2000 pellets at my face in under 30 seconds

My camera lens took the brunt of about 1400 of the pellets. Kids rule , but machine guns rule more !!

Bear keeps watch on the Daley compound down the street from me ...........

I learned a new phrase today - GHOST CHILI .

Also known as the Bhut Jolokia chili pepper , this evil wee bugger comes from India and is the 3rd hottest pepper in the world. Rating in at 401 times hotter than tabasco sauce. This pepper is currently being developed to be used inside hand grenades for the Indian army to flush out the enemy. Fuckin aces - i'd rather step on a land mine than have this bastardo explode in my face and melt my eyeballs out.

Without a grenade in sight we watched Alex at Freaky Burrito eat a Ghost chili whole. We sat back and watched as his features turned to mush and his eyes burned out of their sockets. It was mental to watch.

"Ghost Chili's - A great way to end the day.......try yours today"