Found a lost roll of film from the end of the Brooklyn Invitational...........

I watched some young buck rebel Jewmanji's show up on a 70s Beemer. I learned a new word on this trip too - Hamsa. A hamsa is an amulet shaped like a hand - Not to be confused with hamster or ham sandwich.

Manhattan looks like a Hollywood set today

Nicko and his magical breakfast vest.

Some poor sod from Saturday night got vaporised out of his shoes. He even left a note. I wanted to read it so bad but the unknown street shoes scared me . It looked to me like the work of aliens or serious jugs of hard liquor. Or possible evidence of foul play by Scientologists.

Hipster control. Every weekend they break out these huge new machines in the Lower East Side to mow down and control the Hipster problem thats infected huge areas of the city.

Bye young buckaroo. See you in Los Angeles !! Awsome hanging with the whole Doggpound family.

Central Park

This old bird just kept harpin on and on ........ Best part was she didnt notice a rat crawl out of the hole in the wall next to her. I saw it and didnt tell her !!

Still summer in the city

Central Park has a curfew from 1am to 6am every night. The cops get all Training Day on your arse if your found nightseeing in the park grounds.

John Lennon's memorial is like another gate at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Ralaxing zones in the city are scarce , im always expecting it to get real un-tranquil quickly.

Cracking up in the park with Court.

There are over 32 000 Scottish poeple living in New York City. Thats a pretty bloody scary concoction right there. Kilts n skyscrapers and gingers runnin aboot!!