Woke up early and got ahead start on getting lost in Los Angeles.

Ray was good moral on my wanderings through Little Ethiopia

Deep in autobody world , Mid city

Incredible artwork everywhere

Met up with Mandreas at the Guns n Roses diner for an Slash omelette and a side of Duffs. Canters rules and so does Mandreas's truck

Back ally Fairfax

Stopped into Buddy and Ricks editing headquarters. Epic show n tells.......

Rolling 7miles to the gallon in LA is no buenos

We wrangled Mae from the peanut gallery on Melrose. Such good people watching. The streets were alive with mega bizarros and characters

Then got a tour of Powerplant Choppers

This place was out of control

Behind the shop in the back alley was even more mindblowing . Vintage cars and motorcycles in various stages of completion . All under the watch of the hugest pit bull i have ever seen. He didnt like me one wee bit so not too many snap shots here folks

This Triumph was beautiful

Over 70 cuts n welds on the pipes

Fabricating outside . LA has the perfect weathers

Mandreas and Mae

Across town at Echo Park to pick up skateboards

Todays spontanious tour has been a Ten !!