Space Vacation and Natur "Childhood Friend" East Coast Tour hit Newport RI on Saturday night

Eggy dosnt have long hair but man did he have on fantastic dungarees....Claire Dog -Road manager for Space Vacation from San Fransisco

Terps son of Portugal and Iggy Talls

Mortal Wombat and Lee "Metal Master of Mullets"

The Dogs and the Thompsons

This is such a rare moment - Meakle Street reunion. Meakle was the Newport version of 6 Newell in San Fran. 100% skate house with awsome dirtbags and tremendous antics......

Eamo , Casey , Schmitty and Jay Dog ...missing in action - Black Carrot , Seanie Hellfire , Danny Sergent and Eggy ( who was across the room farting in his overalls)

Claire and her Slade snow boots

San Fran's sons of Party Metal SPACE VACATION and Nostraldamus

The Bringer of Death and The Driver

Concert and Drinking photos coming .........