Beach temperatures on October 10th


I got no wisecracks for these snapshots. This is basically slow torture through vacation photos.

Loch Mess monster - I just ordered prescription underwater goggles so i can see critters better. They havnt arrived yet !!

Last night i rewatched Rambo First Blood. I had never forgotten how bloody awsome that movie is. It deserves oscars left n right. Best dirtbike chase scene oscar. Should have got an oscar for the phenominal one liners and definately an oscar for most bullets fired in under 2 hours. It's a piece of cinematic genius..........anyways with First Blood branded into my brain i found myself in a few predicaments down on the cliffs. After consulting the "what would John Rambo do" code of ethics i'd managed to take care of concealing a shite i couldnt keep in a second longer, fixed a pretty big hole on the sole of my foot with a rough rock (basically sanded down my foot smooth so the hole became a raw open wound (Rambo would have been hella proud) Then i scaled a cliff to chase off a hoard of pervy fishermans trying to get a close gander at Ecuador's in her bikini.

Do yourself favors and start preparing for dangers now . Watch First Blood today.