Arrived in Coney Island aka Brother Russia.............

2 minutes into my Soviet beach mission my camera went into sputnik mode and double exposed a ton frames at once. Retired KGB operatives must still be using their gadgets on people getting off the train.

The Native American Indians called Coney Island - "land without shadows" .

People used to come to Coney to hunt rabbits now they come to eat hot dogs. Not too much has changed here.

The Amusement park looked sad. The place was completely desolate and from years of being pressure washed by salt air the patina on all the steel and iron was incredible.

No Warriors anywhere to be found.

Blankets and little nests from homeless mannys were the only sign of people

The Cyclone survived the Hurricane. Although this ride looked so bloody dodgy. Nails sticking through rotten wood all over the place . It looked like Robinson Crusoe built this thing.

Streets were so quiet. All you could hear was the wind whipping through the towers of the sleeping rides

Evidence of summertimes are crammed into garbage cans

A few souls braved the january wind chill on the boardwalk.

It was around this moment some old cantankerous Russian geezer yelled at me for taking photos of "his" seagulls. I was so blown away by his outburst i just stood there like a right muppet. I didnt say a word. Thinking back i regret not taking his photo , turning his mood from cold war surly as fuck into pure commie redline. This old guy was probably 90 years old too. Theres no way he couldve chased me even if he had a fully charged segway. I blew it .

Brooklyn's Riviera

Paris has the Eiffel Tower . Coney Island has the Parachute Jump. Since the 1930s patrons were hoisted 190 feet and then dropped using wire ropes like a parachute. This ride has been closed since 1968. (I cant imagine why). Now the city dont even have enough loot to light the tower up at night.

Bring back the wires and lets jump in the dark !!