I've literally been biking to China and back

Zero trouble in little China today though.

This place sold green communist suits , complete with the red star in every possible size. I kid ye not folks !!

I cant write a cation for this photo because my hangover is totally in the way.

Beds and breakfasts all over the streets of this town . Outdoorsmans paradise

Overgrown to the maximum


Spanky getting his morning butterfly stroke on

Frankie has amazing plants and killer travel stories.

Not everyday you get to drive around with a supermodel on the hood of your car. I loves America

The hoose from Bladerunner.

Today was a huge day. The Lemmy movie came out today. We met up with Jay and we all had beers and watched the most incredible documentary about the sickest man that walks this planet. At 2 parts during the flick i shed tears because it was just so bloody radical. Lemmy absolutely is the king of all rock n roll.

After i biked over to Littlejoy and met up with these dodgy buggers. Dave is in town from down under. Andreas and Mae shredding

Chewing on beers to cool my perfecto sunburn downs

Today was the first time in my life i came out of the cinema and the star of the movie lives around the corner. Go see "Lemmy" its the bees knees and so is he !!