Yo ho ho............

Me and Craig went to Harry's Somalian Pirate school over the weekend.

He taught us how to board ships and slit throats.

I miss riding motorcycles with this laddie ............

Life on the high sea.

We circled this potential goldmine but as we got closer and ready with the grappling hooks and ladders we ended up knowing him........

Harry still operates like he's in Vietnam. Its fantastic.

We searched the horizon for anyone to rob. Was slim pickins in November out here. All the money bags had left town.

We went sailing with no sails and just ladders. Pretty much ruled .

Captain Blackfinger and his first mate

Craig spots some Somalians we knew off the starboard bow......... Thats pirate lingo for - Over there n shit !!

We were about to blast this boat with the 50 cal gun but realised it'd be a total waste of bullits. This bugger was rusty as fuck.