Just got this roll of film back from a few months ago..............

Heres a few photographs from a new reality TV show thats gonna air only on the Navajo Indian Network. Its called "Cut the Engine" It was filmed in Arizona in under 6 days

This is somewhere in Las Vegas where we met up with all the cast and crew . It was a real fantastic fuckshow of characters .

120 degrees wasnt hot enough for me so im looking up to the giant fireball in the sky - "Is that all you got you big giant orange bastard????"

After a blurry 24 hours deep in the grip of a Vegas headlock - we convoyed into the desert literally in pieces. We hurtled through the desert in our air conditioned body bags while listening to tunes at full volumes. Moral was at all time highs but health had plummeted.

Heading to BrokeToe Mountain in search of Navahoes

Were shooting on Mars. Total Recall. On set for Pirhanaconda . Looking for Jabba the Hut's hut .

The mission - Survive this planet without roasting 7 layers of skin off , keep hydrated with cases of zinfindel and pack 15 dudes from 5 major cities into a floating caravan with heaps of gadgets in the middle of a Navajo Indian reservation that looks like Jupiter but feels like the armpit of the sun...... Let the 15 dudes simmer in the 120 degree heats for a few days and add 9000 beers , and then give them all the keys to powerboats and jet skies and fishing rods and just sit back watch the shitwinds blow...........

The Navajos are a pretty trusting lot..... Good geezers i must say !!

This house boat did not look like this after 6 days . With each day it became the most luxurious floating hockey pad locker. Stewing in the heats. There were bodies everywhere. Looked like a somalian pirate boat after a major raid . After a week it looked like Dirty Mike and the Boys took a shit in the F shack. It was ripe !!

20 000 beers under the surface. The cast of reprobates showed up from New York City , Los Angeles , Vegas , London and Edinburgh.

The first thing we did when we reached our new land was piss on the bones of ancient indian burial grounds............

Duffy bakes like a london broil in the seering heats of our new planet . This was the only rock for hundreds of miles in any direction that had enough power bars for instagramming.

Surviving the barge - Broke Toe Mountain - "Who's got the fuckin conch? - Your not doing it right!............ just go straight"

From the canyons of this hostile planet , the indians watched us as we perfectly managed to destroy most of the toys we were given.......... At one point we were all eating dinner and someone shouted - "hey is that our speedboat over there?" ............. as an unachored brand new powerboat floats gently towards the rocks on the other side of the lake. Pretty phenominal moves. I'd like to add it was our second speedboat too. We ruined the first one in under 24 hrs. That has to be a record . When the Indians came out and saw how chewed up our propellor was , they just laughed and towed it back to the repair tee-pees. Such good chaps the Indians. I mean it looked like we drove the boat up a desert road it was so mangled up. I still cant believe they gave us another boat to set adrift hours later.

Congrats to Dan on getting hitched . Somehow in all of this he pulled that off !!

The Sandsquatch was seen lumbering around the barren coastline foraging for cold beers. Its favorite food.

Antonio aka The Toe. This photo was taken just before he clotheslined some cowboys that showed up late.

The Game of Thrones brothers. The family Duffy , hailing from merry ol medievil England

Here is a very rare photo of the Chucapello. The elusive cousin of the chupacabra. Preferring his mountain top lair , this is an unusual glimpse of him in the desert away from his natural habitat.

Another pic of the Sandsquatch packing cold ones into his gullet. I have 400 other pics of this move.

Heres some other photo angles of the shitstorm from Manute and others.............

In the new edition of the oxford dictionary this photo is now under the word PARTY . No idea who shot this photo but its a real gem !!

Its like a retarded version of Gilligans Island

Trailer park boys just went offshore ..........

Cowboy Hanna enjoys a nice wee tranquil moment in the wilds.........

Never use tumbleweed to start fires. Its basically a rolling ball of napalm. Here Jay jumps to freedom as his plastic cowboy chair melts in the fireball. After the shock i cried laughing for ages . It was aces !!

Ride the Lightning solos while Antonio grills up his broken toe for a midnight snack

We claimed this land from the Indians and renamed it New Bosnia. Its really pretty this time of year. The cherry blossoms are glorious.

This photo couldnt be more gay and awsome . The rainbow is not photoshopped in and im amazed theres not a unicorn in the background too. Manute nailed it with this one !!

All in all this trip was bloody excellent. It changed my life. (No no .... not in that way. Im still straight and like fit birds) Everyone on the crew was top quality. Real salt of the earth blokes. Lotta talent crammed into that floating RV shitbox. Huge thanks to Evan who produced the whole show. A real dude of dudes. He rolled out the red carpet for us all and can chef up a real storm too. Tremendous grub the entire time. I ate like the last kind of Scotland trapped in the sahara. It was sad saying cheerio as everyone got on different boats , cars , planes to go home.

Big congrats to Dan and Claire on getting hitched i was honored to be on this trip

Sorri didnt take more pics - i was having way too much fun !!