Woke up in one piece. No bears got me in the night. Pretty solid start to today.

I did eat everything in our campsite though. I ploughed through every nut n berry combination we had to offer well before 8am.

Lost World

The Bautista familia looked after me so well. Leonis and her eyeball hat rule .......... El Monstros Inc

Half our squad left to drive back to Los Angeles while the rest of us pushed on further into the mountains

Lookin for the piranhaconda

We swam in the lake but not for long. It was brass monkeys in there. Pure Baltic.

Where the buffalo roam ..........

Found this amazing empty old saloon on the other side of the mountain pass. I bet some serious shin digs go down in this joint.

Lake Mono is straight out of Flash Gordon. Place is completely from another planet. Huge columns of sulpher towers coming out of the strangest landscape. Place smelt like a science experiment too.

I hung with Mr Spock , Emperor Ming , Dr Who , Han Solo , fuckin Yoda was here , Cornelious from Planet of the Apes , Conan The Barbarian and that muscly bitch Red Sonja hes always with. They were all here hanging out . Drinking long islands and soaking up the sulphuric acid ph atmosphere.

Dances with Tacos saw a mirage of hot sauces on the horizon. I think were losing it in this weird place.

This place was called Devils Peckers Piles or something. I forget. I like places with Devils at the beginning......... come to think of it , i like places with the word peckers in them too. One time years ago while riding bikes me and Teak got cut off by a truck and the old black guy leaned out and yelled - "Outta the road you fuckin peckerwoods". I was beyond overjoyed to get yelled at in this manner. Felt like i was in some Mark Twain shite. We both stopped in our tracks and busted up laughing . I still crack up about it now. Peckerwood is the most epic word ....... Anyways that rock called Devils Boazack in Rhode Island rules too. I miss jumping off that thing.

Homeward bound.

Thanks to my San Fernando road crew for all the red carpet treatment.