Headed to Nepal for an epic mission ..............

After 2 very long flights i arrived in Kathmandu Nepal .

The view from my hotel . This place is incredible. Millions of people literally crammed into every possible space. Monkeys in their hundreds running from rooftop to rooftop constantly. This place is bananas. The traffic is 24 hr mayhem of cars trucks and zillions of motorcycles and bicycles all zig zagging and weaving kamikazi style. Its utterly nuts and amazing . Its hot and dusty and the pollution is staggering . Sacred cows wander the roads blocking traffic where ever they roam ....... The people are so freindly and nice and have the most colorful clothes on .........

The devastating damage from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Kathmandu in 2015 is still very apparent. That absolutely levelled this city.

Movie posters

Fruit man

Made friends with the gang that ran the street my hotel was on ..... These rascals were constantly wrangling monkeys and throwing rocks into trees to knock fruits off ..........Epic posse !!!!

Temple of Doom sidewalks

Sweltering heats even late at night ...... This butcher shop had very scary objects for sale on the counter ............The monkey brains would have been chilled if there was any kind of a fridge around !!!