'Merica day. The quatro de Julios

Blazing saddles all day

The Dunkin donuts center is ready for partying

Young Nicko Rhodes threw a hell of a pool party.

Rohan killed it with the waterproof pretzles and floating beers , while a random kid swims by.

Dads of Anarchy . J Dogg and Michael

Rohan aka Chris Homes talks to his imaginary vodka bottle ..........

Ace in the hole dives off the costa rica wall

We created our own floating plastic island like the one out in the middle of the pacific ocean the size of Texas

How did we get here????

Grinder - looking for meat

Got my Stevesie on . Searching for the Jaguar shark

Buddy cannonballs through the piranahs and hotdogs

David Lee Roth high kicks from the Dogg. Phenominal.

Mannys float while the birds banter about shopping and boys

Buddy and his lil peanut in the deep end

Zoltar from the movie Big

Young pally Nicko gets his ring ding on

"Hey do you have red white and blue quinoa?" - Me in wholefoods. Didnt go over too well !!

Happy forth of july everybody. Thanks Will Smith for saving America from the Aliens