Go to the The Joshua Tree Inn and be experienced................

The Gram Parsons breakfast platter is excellent .

Nothing but rocks and scorpion turds for miles and miles

The desert is so quiet .............. and bloody hot.

Court looked beautiful and super glamerous. By day three she had overcome her fear of rattlesnake lairs .

So much so, she took a siesta on a rock so hot you couldve fried an egg on it . Midday sun was blazing hot.

Petrified trees everywhere.

Scorched and twisted by the harsh weathers. Tree of the dead.

Nothing in any direction for days. Not even a McDonalds

Exploring the silent piles of boulders

The final resting place of Gram Parsons.

The desert is an incredibly inhospitable place ,but in this hostile place there is beauty. Overwhelming beauty .

Everytime i come here i think of so many people in my life and past memories. The power the desert has is untouchable , hard to explain. Just have to be out there in the seering hot silence to feel it .

Its a special place...............

Happy Birthday Courtney. These photos are for you ........... I miss you so much !!