Newport Jazz Festival at Fort Adams

Thousands of Jazzholes roast in the blistering sun to the sounds of Dave Brubeck , Herbie Hancock and Wynton Marsalis

Ran into Jacqueline from the daily news..........she has a new intern. Interns rule . They hold your cheez-its for you all day

Superfan and his wee brother.


Eamon and his mario cart

Eamon and his crew run the power for the festival.......

Mega plug it ins !!

While the crowds out in the arena slowly roast all day , we took the golf carts deep into the bowels of the fort . Zipping and flying through tunnels and hidden chambers.

Everytime i come here i discover new secret dungeons

With only one flashlight we took a small pitch black tunnel that led underneath the masses above

The tempertures dropped drastically to almost cold and the maze of chambers got more complicated the further we pushed on

Temple of Doom situations

We were deep in the darkest parts of the fort , preying the flashlight didnt die on us

In one chamber we found insane signatures dating back to the 18th century. The scrawls from soldiers and the builders of the fort were all over the place.

Hand of Doom

Best cave art ever !! In abandoned buildings your guaranteed to find certain artwork. Theres always a swastica , a giant weed leaf , a huge joint or the words FUCK U .........

Dave nailed this one right on the head !!

The tunnels were creepy but not as horrible as the bugs we found in there. All over the roof of the caverns were these giant ceiling crickets. They were disgusting and huge !! I hated that discovery half way through our dungeon tour ....

I blew it on the stage photos but Dave Brubeck in his 90's absolutely blew minds with his chops and Herbie Hancock had the crowd out of their seats the whole time.......It was a heavy scene

Backstagewise - Anyone know the name of the most epic violin player ive ever seen ?

Huge thanks to Eamon for the all areas pass and the dungeon tour..........