Weather has been top notch recently.

Scouting around for black metal church locations ...........

Jay Adams came by Wb to soak up some high quality banter and jokes. He didnt say much.

Saving Private Package

I guess when you have a disgusting bright orange Porsche its ok to park in the cross walk. What a wanker move . Twice !!

My sky photos are becoming like lettace on a sandwich. Its good to have in there but really kinda boring .

Cleaned this guy up for the walls. Someone made a bad joke about donating the teeth to Shep. I laughed then felt bad . Soon Shepper will have a dazzling set of pearly white gnashers and we'll all be jealoso.

Sid and his dirty socks are leaving for California today.

"The Golden Handshake Tour" kicks off in Los Angeles. Performing live all the way up the coast - Jerk Johnson and the Marshall Lads.

I was developing a semi mullet kinda like the hairdoo Mel Gibson had in all the Leathal Weapon movies. I had the full on scottish footballer 80s cut going until i took some scissors to the back of my heid. What a massacre. Now the mullet is gonzo but it looks like rats and hamsters have nibbled my wig from the neck up. Its a mess. So hard to cut using a tiny mirror and plastic wallmart scissors. Back of my head looks similar to any cast member from Schindlers List. Tomorrow i may draw hairs on with a sharpee till i can get to the barbers shop.