The crew over in France at Desillusion magazine just printed a story i did on Jason Jessee from a little while ago ..............

In a tiny corner of california outside a wee town called Watsonville. Tucked away amongst the artichoke and strawberry fields lives jason jessee. Down dusty farm roads and through never ending fields it felt like i was in the beginning of the woodstock movie . The real America. Old barns and rusty tractors everywhere. High above the pacific ocean perched on the edge of the cliff lies his compound. Giant turkeys patrol the grounds like royal guards . Huge pine trees tower over the ranch house while an old oil drum filled with wood burns hot . Jason lives in one of the raddest most hidden parts of the country. Unaffected by the outside world.
We sat around the campfire while the surf crashed onto the beach below and listened to epic stories about his roosters and turkeys. Inbetween tales we'd throw tomahawks and hatchets into targets. There are phenomenal antics with Jason every minute. Non stop slap stick comedy with megaphones and outfits and fireworks ........... He has a chicken named E.Ts finger. Not one feather on his neck... looks like a evil miniature ostrich...... He was my favorite .

My face and ribs killed from laughing for so many hours ........ Jason Jessee's standup will bring the house down !!

Hatchet throwing , feeding the roosters , jogging , rode horses , guns and more guns , bodysurfing , collecting eggs , fireworks , megaphones , hanging with ET's finger , chinese bombs in the river , ate healthy , international interns , handball , barn duty , fire marshall rules , farmland , almost blew my foot off with a 12 gauge shotgun , no life jackets , the bridge from Lost Boys , only drive in reverse , rowboats , hugging sealions , artichokes everywhere , turkeys are so rad but man they are mean , dolphin swim club , skating cement above the red triangle , motorcycles , Watsonville , burning rubber , hope Earl and Meeps remember me , hypnotising chickens is magical , strawberry fields , Rambo bikes and egg whites and a side of avocado ~ This is 24 hrs with Jason Jessee .

We would have swam around Alcatraz if we'd had the time !!

Huge thanks to Sebastien at Desillusion for the words ...........