This was one of those days where the aimless rambling through streets and alleys totally paid off ..................

Sunday mornings are usually a pretty quiet affair , even by New York standards , that is until i literally got smacked by a Chinese 2x4 to the face. I turned the corner and instantly got walloped by hundreds of fireworks. The entire sky was filled with confetti and the sounds of gongs. It was pure bonkers............. It was Chinese New Year.

The Orient Express had flown off the rails. Exploded like a Singapore Nuclear meltdown. Combination plate C10 had hit the fuckin roof. Chinatown was going berzerkers and it ruled.

The silk road had become a firework graveyard.

The peoples republic of Chinatown had all their engines firing. The year of the snake was slithering at breakneck speeds

Jet Li's cousin was there - Jimmy LongWang of the Wing Kong Exchange

Shite was off the Jackie Chains !!!

Chinese marching bands are the best. I like their approach. Hit everything really loud , a million times , all at the same time...... I think in China , lead cymbal players are the guitar gods , like if Eddie Van Halen or Slash played a mean set of cymbals . I bloody love it . Not good hangover tunes though.

Gong with the wind. It was incredible watching them drag the gong apparatus through ankle deep snow and slush. The streets were flowing with dead fireworks and brownish red ice

Just when i thought it couldnt get anymore epic. The ground opened up and i felt i was on the set for the sequel to "Big Trouble in Little China"

David Fuckin Lo Pan showed up with the 3 storms out of the carbon minoxide from beneath the city's sewers. Waaaay better stage show than Beyonce's half time superbowl talent show .

Happy New Year China. You guys know how to party. Long live General Tso !!!