Space Vacation live at Jimmies Saloon

Brothers in arms- Scott and Jay Shapiro

Knockout gear combos and axe moves


Drumwise - it was at 11 the entire show

Andy is still one of my favorite drummers to watch............The dudes a complete magician behind the kit..........

Antonio Banderas from Guatamala learned to speak english in a few months - He learned how to drink budweisers in a few hours....totally mangled all night ! Priceless

Eggy went from snow shovelling mode to rock n roll orangutan half way through the first song . Reaching new levels of awsome !!!

Schmitty checks the perimeter for insurgents while Liza and Jess boogie in the front row

Its a long way too the top (especially in snow pants) Eggy - the sickest dude at the concert ..........