November reighs .............

Milling around the wharfs downtown

On the road with Major Tom

In an underground laboratory the Russians are building some top secret shit..........

Since this photo was developed by my scientists at CVS , every leave has fallen off this tree. Winter bloody sucks !!

To boost moral - This is what $13 000 looks like . Theres nothing like the feeling of real heavy weighted cash - I just wish it was mine !!

I dont own a dog or a cat . I dont have any kids that i know of , I do own one house plant and he's pretty unphotogenic - So heres another godamn photo of my Triumph.

Tiverton's Dark Knight

I caught Jah Snoozie's performance a few week ago. He's definately the black Nod Stewart.......... His "Out cold , standing tall" album just peaked in the charts.

Cousin Lucy and Johnny Jamestown's last night in town. Tomorrow they leave for the Philippines and other far off lands.

Newport is the perfect training grounds for expeditions into uncharted lands. Every night of the week at most bars there are advanced courses in how to deal with wild savages , malaria , cannibalism , witchcraft , basic survival 101 . Also lessons in the art of staying awake for days and days under extreme conditions is a popular course. Newport also has great classes in smuggling , forgery and poisonous plants . I have no idea who the The Island of Doctor Moreau lady in the middle is ........ but she had epic Michael Jackson dance moves and wore a complete Ozzie Ozborne shell suit .

Cousin Lucy , Dog Tannian aka Bloke who looks like Colby , Mariah Scarey and Ali

Eddie Van Halen knee slide across the entire floor of Salvation Cafe in stockings. Phenominal !!

The Mariah Scarey 2011 Tour " Hide yo husband hide yo sons" starts now. First leg of the tour starts at Crothers Bar in little Compton R.I.

The Wheel of Fortune Cookie . See you in 7 months guys. Drink tons of cobra blood , and say hello to the far east for me..............