Wedding shredding ........

Diamond Adolf

The man of the hour J Honjo and his family ........Best crew and best man hair !!

The Hoisington "Dead to me" signature cake

Huge congrats to the new gang

This wedding photographer thought he was in Cosovo. Stealthy combat angles and wedgies all night

Behavey and Kim

Mortal Wombat , Shetlers and Tooth

Kim's got moves ...mucho moves !!

.........but nowhere near as many moves as Manute....who literally pulled out all the stops at this shindigger

Takin it to the top ........

Manute Bol - Available for any event , weddings , partys and Epic Doo's


Fantastic wedding , tremendous bro's reunion , excellent deathride home ...........all in all - a grand 24hrs !!

Huge thanks to Jenny for letting me steal her car and crossing state lines with it , Big thanks of nothin to Manute and myself who couldnt drive stick , MVP's to Davey who aced the audition and the E brake highway test

Cheerio !!!