Today is John Hoisington's wedding day........

The entire TFL family from all across the land made its way to Boston for Honjo and Sarah's big day.

I secured the gayest car i could find for the trip. After auditioning for drivers that can operate stick we finally set off blasting Phil Collins and Elton John. Pretty much keeping the big gay vibe going all the way to the hotel.....

Manute crammed his giant getaway sticks into the bug while Behavey aced the driving and me and Kim boogied in the back seats to the horrendous tunes

Best wedding gift of all time !!!

Tara , Dogman and Kim .............(D Rogers moving too fast for any cameras)

L Train - huge special guest appearance from Hawaii... so good to see this manny !!

Marching to the gig with Tooth and the gang

Part 2 - "Any one know where the wedding is ? " Coming soon !!