After the storm of the century ravaged the land and the electricity and gasoline ran out , society turned prime evil and it was every man for himself.........

(For all the vegans out there , dont even bother scrolling down..............)

So we all went over to Sarge's house cos he has everything you need after a solid apocalypse

His porch was like Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome. He could definately host medieval times at his house in a heartbeat.

Reece pulled up with a 200 pound buck that filled the back of the truck. The deer looked drunk but he wasnt. Reece got him with a bow an arrow the night before.

Waterbrothers sweatpants - Perfect for carving up massive carcasses. Light , breathable , stretchy , warm .........

The deer was tied up and hoisted to the ceiling . He looked so bloody heavy (sorry for the joke). It took both Sarge and Reece everything to wrangle him up there.

The best way to tenderise deer meat is to batter it for hours with beach noodles.

Once the beast was hung from the rafters , Reece the surgeon general dove in and started going to town on the animal. I was petrified he was going to pull out the heart and offer it to me or Johnny. I was having on the spot nightmares.

Reece worked at lightening speeds with a quiver of razor sharp knives. Making slices and cuts and slowly un-zippering the hide from the deers body.

The Eagles played on the radio inside the tiny butchers shack as he peeled the huge skin from the buck. "The fuckin Eagles man" .

This shite made Dance with Wolves look like some loony tunes kids stuff.

Stay tuned for part two of - Sargent Slaughters house of a 1000 bodybags and tupperwares.