Square Go's - Open 25hrs a day. We have a vast reference section and in the east wing we have a whole building dedicated to indians and shit.

I learned a new word for mierda today. STOOL as in "what color were his stools?" or ....... "so his stools were a mostly yellow color" .

More on that topic in a wee bit............

Extraterrestrial life on left side , Native american indians on the right side. Beach rules suck.

The Narragansett Indians ruled these lands. A few hundred years ago i'd have been pin cushioned with dozens of arrows and scapled to the bone just for setting foot on these shores.

The first european contact with the indian tribe was in 1524, when the explorer Giovanni de Verrazano visited Narragansett Bay. It was pretty much down hill all the way for the tribe after that hang out sesh. They recieved really cool presents like syphilis and other infectious diseases. It was a wonderful time

Here lies Notorious T.I.M

Court and the Notorious H.I.G

In the fall of 1621, the Narragansett sent a "gift" of a snakeskin filled with arrows to the newly established English colony at Plymouth. The "gift" was a threatening challenge. The governor of Plymouth, William Bradford, sent the snakeskin back filled with bullets. The Narragansett understood the message and did not attack the colony.

Higgins is about to attack this frogman though..........

Invaders from the depths

Donkeys - The amigo version of horses. Totally under rated. Small humble and hard working as a motherfucker for over 5000 years.

They have sick pirate teeth too.

Higgy Warhol

The Filipino was dying laughing but the Cuban on the wall did not even crack a smile at Higgy Warhol's phenominal wig set ups.

Castro still not chuffed on the antics. Commies are a tuff crowd. The rest of us were losing our marbles.

Higgins loves his new hair and so do i ..........

We laughed so hard we ended up in the hospital that day.

Poor wee Higgoz. The weekend of rambling and adventures had taken him out. On one of the safaris he had jumped off an over head sand dune and mangled his neck and back. He was in terrible pain. I hate seeing animals so hurting. I wished so much he could speak. Knowing him , if he could utter words it would probably be "can you fetch me my pipe and slippers.....oh and while your over there grab me a cookie too".

It was around this time i learned the word "stool".

Were both falling apart, me and my son. On the ride home me and the Higlet traded painkillers..........

I cant wait to get home im dying on a stool !!!