2 wheeled safaris ........

Should be "2 wheeled suffering".

Bicycle refugee camp

Found a giant Hawk . He mustive been constipated cos i hovered right underneath him for a while and he didnt let loose a dussledorf on my head. What a bro bird and all around great chap!!

Went to hang with Eddie Murphy for a while. Such good times.

Asa llama lakum. This guy was such a weirdo. If this llama was a human he'd be the creepy staring geezer in the corner wearing the disgustingly stained trenchcoat.

Eddie and me cracked up while the cow in the background blacked out from Octoberfest.

Rocket is over the moon after spotting the Heineken blimp flying overhead

Today was filled with donkeys and llamas

Children of the Corn

I didnt get shit on by an eagle and didnt get spat on by a llama. Thats a very buenos day. Roll on ............