The city of Denver , Colorado has one of the sickest public skateparks in the country and also one of the most explosive thrash bands. Havok are the fuckin bee's knees. Hands down the raddest band i'd never heard of before. Even before they struck a chord i was an instant fan of the frontman's mic skills. These geezers play music that would be perfect played from a loud speaker on an apache gunship as it lights up the sky with tracer bullets.

Pete Webber behind his spaceship.

David Sanchez

Reece Scruggs

These guys were too awsome for the roll of film in my camera.........

Tons of solos and on stage high fives. Phenominal party metal at break neck speeds

Epic turkey giblet neck slayer teens front row

Im a huge bloody fan of Havok. I strongly recommend seeing these guys if they come to your town. Bring whiskey and high fives !!

Up next Death Angel ........