Some days in Hollywood its hard to tell when its actually Halloween....... actually most days of the year its hard to tell

Samson nailed it

Javier is the Fonz of Skateboarding

Magic carpet rides

Strange things are afoot at the circle K

Ghostbusters sky

Got home after work to this magical scene .............. Galmour shots by Spanky and Napolean Nina

I lost my marbles when i walked in . Hilarious antics from this pair !!

Off the charts with high fives and gold stars n shit

Saw Trashtalk perform for the first time . Wow......... Frontman Lee pretty much sacrificed himself on stage on the strike of the first chord. It was bananas in rafters.

Bodies piled up in the frenzy as the place went berzerker

The stage was a human trampoline as the lads belted out the jams

Lee croons to the rabid crowd with his silky smooth voice of nails and griptape. Trashtalk were fuckin aces !!

Ice T and Bodycount headlined............ but Trashtalk had already set the tone for the night !!

"hey we got a ton of equipment and gadgets on stage ~ any of you motherfuckers come up on stage your gettin shot !!" - Ice T

I ran out of film but godammit i wished i got a shot of Ernie C playing guitar . His power stance was absolutely top shelf .............