Heading to New York City with Alice Cooperd.

Infernal heats and haze cover the land as we get closer to the apple

Awsome highway sign

Big city of dreams and mostly nightmares

Got right into Brooklyn and caught Negative Plane's thundering set at Union Pool.

After the show the Natur lads met up with the most epic dude to possibly buy his giant beat up bright orange van. The Glitterwizard showed up around midnight in a total blaze of glory......

Glitterwizard was a fantastic combo of so many peoples. He had Richard Simmons tee shirt on with Gary Oldman's head from the movie True Romance where he played the drug dealer Drexel. His cowboy boots only had one spur which i was about to ask about but when i saw all the glitter in his bellybutton i stopped . He had some Lemmy flair and Lady Gaga's legs. He was ruling on untouchable levels. Anyways we all checked out the giant orange monster of a van and took it for a test hurtle down the expressway. On a side note we were informed that this was the old van of the band Faggot. Whaddayaknow!!

"Are you gay ?" - Jesse Cooper to the Garyglitter Wizard. (i almost bit off a chunk of my glass when i heard that quote)

The banter was top notch and mucho laughs and the lads didnt drive home in Faggot's orange van. which i may add i have not yet googled that band ........

Part 2 - coming in a jiffy.