Halloween is not over folks .........

My godson Maru had turned into Godzookie and was destroying his kitchen. He makes it look so bloody fun too !! Total carnage

I'm a huge fan of his feet. Where the wild things are !!

The ravenous monster chomped his way through a pile of books , toys , shoes , a few cell phones , some chair legs , the buttons on the dish washer and bit off half my skateboard. Godzookie is a hungry wee chap ...........

"Ghost" from Sweden had visa troubles and were forced to cancel their last US tour. Luckily for me i live in the same town as Cooper and he came by to perform in my backyard. What a bro !!

He pretty much nailed the audish............

Tons of rituals

We had a boombox playing the CD as he marched around my yard looking for things to sacrafice and set on fire !!

Ghost and the Leppyland bunny . I love this photo !!

Yessssssssss. Happy halloween everyone !!