First time playing in New York City. Ghost showed the world how to put on a concert. It was incredible.

I managed to capture the planets worst photos of the event . Out of the all the rolls of film i shot in NYC , the one roll of film with Ghost on it was the only one that was mangled . I think the ghouls cursed my camera.

I cant even describe the show in words. It was jaw dropping and every hair on my arms stood straight up.

Wheres Egon Spengler ? My camera is melting

This is the last time these dudes will play a small stage ever again.

This i can safely say was the sickest show i have seen in years. The feeling i had during this performance i could bet , was the same feeling a small crowd had back in L.A in 1985 when Guns n Roses first took the stage. Completely electrifying in every way possible. These guys are going straight to the top.

I felt like i was in the heavy metal Goonies - "this is our time".............

All rise for Ghost.............

(sorry about the bad photies - refunds are available via smoke signals)